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Liyana, a delicately hand knitted kimono crafted to perfection. This kimono has split sleeves, each one includes a beautiful flower design on either side of the split. It can take up to 6 hours to complete one sleeve, we have done our best to ensure each piece is made to hold so please open and handle with care. 

Please note: The shade of this abaya is Pure White. It it NOT cream or milk white, it is pure white. The kimono is SHEER.

Sizing wise:

This kimono is not oversized nor does it have buttons. It is made to be worn open. It is a slim fit so stick to your usual size.

Size Width (chest) Width (bottom of abaya) Length
50 23 inch 28 inch 50 inch 
52 24 inch 30 inch 52 inch
54 25 inch 31 inch 54 inch
56 26 inch 32 inch 56 inch
58 27 inch 33 inch 58 inch
60 27 inch 33 inch 60 inch