Fabric Guide

It's essential to make sure you are able to make the right choice when picking your abaya so here is the most informative guide just for you.
The primary factor when choosing an abaya has to be the fabric, as this can make all the difference between a peice that will feel comfortable and wow over an abaya that would be uncomfortable for the weather and most likely annoy you. So to make the decision, understanding what fabric the abaya is can help you to make the best choice.


Some of the most common fabrics you will find are mentioned below as well as other exclusive ones we provide:

  • Nidha
  • Linen
  • Corduroy
  • Chiffon
  • Georgette
  • Crepe/ CY



This elegant and soft fabric is actually 100% polyester which means it is perfect for hot weather. It makes for high quality abayas that are also comfortable to wear. Below is our Sara abaya which is a perfect example of great quality Nidha. It has a silk like texture and is not see through. We sell other Nidha qualities too, where some can be on the thinner and more see through side. Nidha material will always come thin but wether it is see through or not relies on the quality which is always mentioned in our description boxes.

2. LINEN -

Linen fabrics fibres comes from the Flax plant, the outcome of using this fabric is that it's stronger than cotton by two or three times. This makes for an excellent quality abaya and perfect for summer. You can also layer with linen in the winter too. Our best seller 'CYRA' has been pictured below which is a perfect example of linen.



A very beautifully elegant, lightweight, soft fabric that can be transparent if used to make a garment without a lining. Chiffon is most commonly made of Polyester. It can be used for making beautiful gowns like our Elaha abaya as it is synonymous for it's flowy nature. We also have a beautiful selection of Chiffon hijabs.


Our corduroy fabric is of the best quality, it is very convenient and perfect for autumn/winter. It isn't thick but is still warm and slightly heavy, best for layering. The fabric is very long lasting and doesn't get ruined no matter how many washes it goes through.



A beautiful fabric with similar qualities to chiffon however a little more dense and opaque in nature. It is very strong but can make for beautiful light abayas.

6. CREPE/ CY- 

This fabric is best for all year round, it's the most popular material used for everyday abayas and also more luxurious abayas. It is durable and has a slight texture to it which can be seen in our photos. This material is completely opposite to Nidha.