Sizing Chart


How do I know my size? 

Usually we recommend to order according to your height as our abayas increase in length but personal preference also matters. For example if you are 5'2 we would recommend a size 52 as that would be just below your ankles but if you wear abayas with platforms etc and prefer it to be longer, then we would recommend size 54. The front of most of our open abayas are shorter than the back by one inch, for example the back is 54 inches or 56 and the front will be 53 or 55. This is due to the material riding up once worn.

If you prefer your abaya to be longer, size up. If you are shorter but wear size L/XL/XXL/XXXL then you'd need to size up.

If you are 5'1/5'3/5'5/5'7 and prefer your abaya to be SHORTER in length then size down but if you prefer them to be below your ankles then stick to the table below.

Below is the usual size to height chart we'd recommend.

Height: The size we'd recommend
4'8 - 5'0  Size 50
5'1 - 5'2   Size 52
5'3 - 5'4  Size 54
5'5 - 5'6  Size 56
5'7 - 5'8  Size 58
5'9 - 6'0  Size 60


The next chart below are the measurements for most of our abayas.

Standard Chart: 

Size Waist Length
50 20 inches 50 inches

21 inches

52 inches

22 inches

54 inches
56 23 inches 56 inches 
58  24 inches 58 inches
60 25 inches 60 inches


For our oversized abayas like the Qamar, please message us for measurements.

Our Amani abaya also has a batwing/oversized fitting, here are the measurements.

Size Length Chest
52 52 inches long 29 inches flat
54 54 inches long 30 inches flat
56 56 inches long 31 inches flat