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Hayaat Ltd


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These gorgeous hand worked abayas are stunning for any occasion, big or not It's been made with the latest Cy fabric from the UAE. The material is not too thick and has a shine to it making it so elegant and luxurious. It includes a deep V-neck, a belt and its own premium chiffon scarf is included. The sleeves are open and flowy as well as the bottom of the abaya, giving it a lovely finish. It is a closed abaya.

Each Abaya includes:

  • Matching premium chiffon scarf
  • A belt 
  • Ruffled sleeves
  • Intricate bead detail
  • Button closure on v neck 

PLEASE NOTE: Abaya colours may differ slightly due to lighting. The green and black are MATTE so no shine like before, the green is also a green not emerald so it isn't dark, it is a normal green colour.