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‘AANA ABAYA Brown + Pink’

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A gorgeous hand knitted abaya that comes with intricate flower detailing on each sleeve, it takes up to 10 hours for one abaya to be made, they are made with lots of care and concentration. We have done our best to ensure each piece is made perfectly so please open and handle with care.

Each abaya comes with a complimentary cream chiffon hijab. 

The closed version has one pocket. The open version does have invisible buttons going down the front and also a pocket on one side. For exact measurements please message us.

PLEASE handle with care, the wool of the small pink flowers is delicate and if pulled it will be ruined.

Sizing: Please stick to your usual size, measurements are below if needed.

Size Width (chest) Width (bottom of abaya) Length
50 22 inch 28 inch 50 inch 
52 23 inch 30 inch 52 inch
54 24 inch 30 inch 54 inch
56 25 inch 31 inch 56 inch
58 26 inch 32 inch 58 inch
60 26 inch 33 inch 60 inch